On the top of the page on the menu

Go to the Events and click it.

The Events page will load.

Click on the date and then on the button “ VIEW MORE” under the desired event.

The page with the venue layout will open.

Select the seat where you want to sit by clicking on the number on the chair, the green will go to orange to show. its selected. You can select more than one if you are buying for more than one person. 

At the bottom of the page it will show you the tickets you have selected.

To continue click on “Add to Cart” button.

The checkout page will load.

 but you must still ad the ticket holders name, email and contact number.

To do so scroll to the top of the page and click on the handbag net to Contact us.

The cart will now open and you can fill in the ticket holders Name, Email and Contact number.

Click on Update basket then on Checkout.